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Upcoming at Crichton!

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on what we have coming up here at Crichton for the summer season!

As mentioned on our events page, we’ll be focusing on youth entrepreneurship, specifically showcasing young men in our area who have had great success repairing broken iPhones, iPad’s and other smartphones. We’ve included a summary of what to expect below!…

Replacing Broken iPhone Screens Just Got Easier

A broken iPhone screen is shockingly common these days as most people rely overly heavily on their device for day to day tasks from email, music and even just texting their friends to meet up for drinks so any malfunctioning can become a real problem. It is also an opportunity for local businesses that specialize in device repair already to expand their offering. The amount of wear and tear that your iPhone goes through even over just one year is pretty substantial so the fact that your charging port or battery goes out and needs to be replaced is not that surprising. A standard lithium-ion battery has a limited amount of times it can be charged and over a year you can expect it to lose some of its life and need to be charged more and more to remain sustainable.

broken iphone screen

Same Day iPhone Screen Replacement Services In Charlotte, North Carolina

Charging ports are also another issue that is commonly repaired by local Charlotte iPhone repair companies, especially for older devices. The internal pins that connect the cable to the device can become bent and out of shape over time and thus make charging less efficient if impossible. If you find yourself wiggling the cord around trying to get your iPhone to ding and recognize the charge circuit, you can solve this pretty efficiently. Replacing the internal charge circuit whether it’s the older pin style, or newer lightning port is not a hard task for someone experienced in iPhone repair. Apple stores in Charlotte themselves do not repair these types of small issues so your best bet for a speedy turnaround is to find the best cell phone repair company with the most extensive warranty and bring your device in.

As mentioned, the most common issue you’re likely having is a broken or cracked screen and while Apple can solve that for you through their extended warranty for customers that need a more immediate solution finding Charlotte iPhone screen repair providers that provide same day service. Some suppliers in the area even offering on-site services for a fee where they send a technician to meet up with you and fix your device on the spot. Regardless of what situation you find yourself in, there is an affordable and convenient solution to fixing your broken iPhone and getting it up and running as soon as possible.…

Making iPhone Repair Easier and More Convenient

Like most millennial and young hard working professionals having a functional iPhone is essential to moving through the day with ease and getting tasks done while keeping in contact with business partners, friends and family. However as we all know, your iPhone does not react well to being dropped even from moderate heights and a cracked or broken LCD on your iPhone 5 can cripple your productivity. Given the lack of support from Apple for these types of repairs in recent years a market alternative has opened up for frustrated Jacksonville Beach residents who need their device fixed ASAP and don’t have time to wait in line at the Apple Store down town, or expensive one time replacements.

Third Party iPhone Screen Repair Providers Expanding Service

PC repair shops that usually deal with broken laptop screens, virus removal and backups have expanded their offerings to cover tablet and iPhone repair recently due to the lack of options for Jacksonville, FL users. Everything from a broken LCD screen to smaller more annoying issues such as a home button replacement can usually be fixed within one day and are reasonably priced at under $100. Obviously this can vary depending on how much your iPhone needs to be repaired and the model, but from our research a new battery costs around $50 installed and a new iPhone 5 replacement screen can be installed for less than $100.

Obviously price varies quite a bit so be sure to ask your friends or family if they’ve had any good experiences they can recommend. The most important thing to realize, perhaps more than the convenience factor is the quality of the parts installed as well as how established the cell phone repair business has been in the Jax Beach area. Unfortunately it is all too common to have sketchy businesses order parts and start fixing iPhone’s only to provide no support should anything be defective or not work correctly. It is a much better policy to pay a bit more, perhaps wait a bit longer but have the security of a 60 day warranty after the repair. If anything is going to appear defective, it will likely happen during the 30 to 60 days after repair so making sure you have the support during that period is crucial.