Easy iPhone 4 Repairs

Getting your broken iPhone fixed can seem like a daunting task, and unfortunately if you use your phone quite a bit like most of us do you’ll likely run into broken screens, weak battery life or even something more disastrous like water or moisture damage. With the cost of an similar smartphone approaching that if a brand new laptop ($800-$1,000) the option of fixing individual issues seems like a much more cost effective solution for the average Apple user in College Station that needs a quick and affordable solution. Below we’ve gone over some of the issues you might run into with your iPhone 4, 5 or even 6 and how they can be fixed by a local PC repair shop.


If you haven’t broken your screen yet, the first component to give out will likely be the original factory lithium-ion battery. These have a certain number of charge cycles they can take before they get worn down and should ideally be replaced. If you have chargers in your room, car, work and bathroom just to make it through the day without your phone dying, it’s time to replace the battery and get on with your day without interruption.


Another sign of your iPhone 4 or 5 nearing it’s end is the home or lock (top/power) buttons becoming sticky or unresponsive. If you find yourself needing to press it multiple times to even get a response out of it, this is someting that local iPhone repair shops can fix – and usually can be done the same day within a few hours at most. Apple does not resolve small issues like this, so local repair options are often much more cost effective and convenient.


The most common issue any College Station smartphone repair business see’s coming through their door. People are constantly dropping their iPhone’s and breaking the screen and for the extra clumsy out there it can get expensive to go through Apple at $200 each – not to mention constantly moving your contacts and info over from iCloud. Third party repair services can not only ease the cost burden, but it is certainly more efficient and affordable. With the demand for fast replacement of cracked screens so high, you can definitely get your phone fixed fast and be on your way without breaking the bank.

Repairing Your Own Broken iPhone

A popular choice for individuals with a broken or cracked glass on their front iPhone screen – which is almost anyone in Baltimore County these days – is do-it-yourself repair. If you’ve had your iPhone for any period of time, you know the constant struggle to keep your screen from breaking can be. While the iPhone is a wonderfully designed device, even moderate drops are causing broken and cracked displays which can get expensive to fix over time if you are constantly going to Apple. Instead of getting a refurbished device for around $200 anytime you drop your iPhone, we’d highly recommend considering other local smartphone repair options in Baltimore. OEM quality replacement screens have been available for the past few years both online and from local suppliers and essentially enable anyone with a bit of technical expertise to completely replace their front display. This will, in most cases be enough to remedy your iPhone and get you back up and running after a crack or accidental drop.

Do-It-Yourself Options To Fix Your iPhone in Baltimore

Apple has manufactured their classic iPhone in a certain way so that even if your display is cracked but still operates the entire front will have to be replaced. The glass overlay is essentially molded to the underlying LCD so even the smallest hairline fracture cannot be fixed without replacing the LCD. Luckily, this isn’t very hard to do, and with a bit of practice, and a steady hand you can replace screens yourself in under an hour for less than $100. There are plenty of tutorials on-line, mostly through YouTube that go through the exact process from removing the broken screen all the way to putting the new one back on and testing basic functionality.


If for whatever reason you don’t have the time or desire to learn how to fix your broken iPhone screen Apple isn’t your only option. Local shops are now offering expedited iPhone repair and they can get a lot more than a cracked screen fixed. If you have an older device, keep it going by fixing any of the following issues should they arise

Battery Replacement
Charging Port – device not charging? Easily fixable with a new port
Audio Jack / Speakerphone Problems
Water Damage Issues…

Making iPhone Repair Easier and More Convenient

Like most millennial and young hard working professionals having a functional iPhone is essential to moving through the day with ease and getting tasks done while keeping in contact with business partners, friends and family. However as we all know, your iPhone does not react well to being dropped even from moderate heights and a cracked or broken LCD on your iPhone 5 can cripple your productivity. Given the lack of support from Apple for these types of repairs in recent years a market alternative has opened up for frustrated Jacksonville Beach residents who need their device fixed ASAP and don’t have time to wait in line at the Apple Store down town, or expensive one time replacements.

Third Party iPhone Screen Repair Providers Expanding Service

PC repair shops that usually deal with broken laptop screens, virus removal and backups have expanded their offerings to cover tablet and iPhone repair recently due to the lack of options for Jacksonville, FL users. Everything from a broken LCD screen to smaller more annoying issues such as a home button replacement can usually be fixed within one day and are reasonably priced at under $100. Obviously this can vary depending on how much your iPhone needs to be repaired and the model, but from our research a new battery costs around $50 installed and a new iPhone 5 replacement screen can be installed for less than $100.

Obviously price varies quite a bit so be sure to ask your friends or family if they’ve had any good experiences they can recommend. The most important thing to realize, perhaps more than the convenience factor is the quality of the parts installed as well as how established the cell phone repair business has been in the Jax Beach area. Unfortunately it is all too common to have sketchy businesses order parts and start fixing iPhone’s only to provide no support should anything be defective or not work correctly. It is a much better policy to pay a bit more, perhaps wait a bit longer but have the security of a 60 day warranty after the repair. If anything is going to appear defective, it will likely happen during the 30 to 60 days after repair so making sure you have the support during that period is crucial.